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Trouble Shooting

Hitachi units all feature trouble shooting by fault or error code at the indoor unit (or controller) and at the outdoor unit.

We have designed a handy set of manuals for professional installers to use when working on Hitachi systems whether RAC, Global PAC (Primairy) or System Free models. These can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

In addition here are some of the more common codes -

Common RAC Codes - Flashing Timer Light on the indoor unit

1 flash - Heat exchanger is not getting cold (or hot in heating) - Possible gas leak

4 flashes - Problem with outdoor unit - check outdoor unit LD301

3 or 12 flashes - Communication failure with outdoor unit

6 flashes - drain problem - check drains and pump

9 flashes - Indoor thermistor failure

Common RAC Codes - Flashing LED LD301 at the outdoor unit

1 flash - Normal Operation

2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 flashes - compressor or inverter issue

6 flashes - likely gas shortage (leak)

7 flashes - faulty outside thermistor

9 flashes - communication error

Common Primairy Global PAC Fault or Error Codes - on the wired controller HCWA21NEWH

Indoor Unit Codes

Error 51 - Drains or Drain Pump

Error 64 - Indoor to Outdoor Unit Comms Failure

Error 72 - Faulty Indoor Fan Motor

Error 81 - Indoor Air Sensor Fault

Error 83 - Indoor Pipe Sensor Fault

Error FE or 254 - Indoor Unit to remote controller comms Failure


Outdoor unit codes

Error 1 - Outdoor Air Sensor Fault

Error 2 - Outdoor Coil Sensor Fault

Error 3 - Overcurrent Failure

Error 4 Outdoor EEPROM Error

Error 5 - Freeze or Overheat protection - dirty filter or indoor coil

Error 7 - Indoor to Outdoor Comms Failure

Error 12 - Phase Protection - Lost or Swapped Phase

Error 13 - Compressor Overheat Protection

Error 14 - HP Protection

Error 15 - LP Protection

Error 16 - Overload Protection in Cooling Mode - see control manual download

Error 17 - Discharge Sensor Fault

Error 18 - AC Power abnormal

Error 19 - Suction pipe sensor Fault

Error 22 - Defrost sensor Fault

Error 45 - IPM Fault - download control manual and look at driver error code

Error 46 - IPM & Control Board Comms Error

Error 47 - Discharge Temperature too high - gas shortage / leak / contamination

Error 48 - Upper fan failure

Error 49 - Lower fan failure

Error 91 - IPM overheat

Error 96 - Gas shortage

Error 97 - Reversing Valve Fault

As well as Error Codes you can also check Driver Codes if the problem lies with the inverter system to fault find correctly.

For more information download the Controls Manual or ask us for a copy of the technical or service manuals for Global PAC Primairy Systems.

For System Free trouble shooting, download the System Free trouble shooting manual.

Secon Global PAC Control Manual.pdf

Secon RAC Trouble Shooting Guide.pdf

Secon System Free Trouble Shooting Guide.pdf

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